Fitness for Everyone

Building a healthy workplace is integral to improving productivity in our working lives!


HubFiiiT provides employers with a digital health, wellness and fitness solution for employees working from home or the office, allowing your team to have the tools to achieve success! 

We'll grow your team's health, wellness & fitness, helping you grow your business stronger! 

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The HubFiiiT Experience

Giving your staff the option to work from home also means giving employees additional digital employee benefit options!


What digital wellness benefit are you offering your team? 


Fitness is just one element of overall wellness, which is why we provide members with more than just fitness classes! Chef Gino is on your phone offering you a variety of healthy, nutritious meal options to cook at home!


You control when, where, how and what you train,

with thousands of VOD & exercise routines all at the touch of a button!