Wellness at Work!

Employee Wellbeing

Employees reported higher levels of engagement if they worked in businesses with wellbeing programmes.


On average  we sit for as long as 9 hours per day, sitting for longer than 30 mins at a time over prolonged periods can lead to poor musculoskeletal health, with 15.4% reporting musculoskeletal problems and 11.6% reporting mental health problems!

Add value to your corporate offering for employees with our wellness events and corporate wellness app.

Wellness Day

Wellness Day

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Digital Wellness

86% of people want a more tech-based approach to their wellbeing! We've made it easy to offer wellness programs for your employees, keeping everyone connected through technology!

Considering the modern, hybrid working environment, we are built to cater for both office based and remote based employees.


Corporate Wellness

What are you made of?

Learn about your body make-up with InBody, full body composition analysis provided for organisations with our Wellness Day's.

Overall, 67% of employees wish to engage with health and wellbeing incentives! For those organisations engaging in a workplace health program have the potential to lower overall health insurance costs by promoting health maintenance!

Corporate Wellbeing