Meet The Team

Shireen Walker HubFiiiT - Corporate Wellness

Shireen Walker

Shireen is an accomplished sales focused fitness industry professional, having started her career as fitness instructor over 17 years ago, working her way through to management.

Having worked for several big brands, Shireen decided it was time create her own brand, and in 2020 HubFiiiT was formed.

Chef Gino HubFiiiT - Corporate Wellness

Chef Gino

The man that keeps us all fed, Chef Gino has been living with Type 1 Diabetes since the age of 16, which has allowed him to connect more with his own fitness and nutrition.

Fitness and Nutrition comes hand in hand with the ability to create, both a healthy mind and body, which is why we have RECIPEHUB to support you with healthy recipes.

Coach Justine HubFiiiT - Corporate Wellness

Coach Justine

In Justine's spare time she is a competitive bikini athlete, along with working as an assistant psychologist in psychiatric care.

Behaviour change makes Justine tick, and she aims to help others attack their goals and build a healthy relationship with their mind and body through her classes and tips, all on our app! 

Coach Tyler HubFiiiT - Corporate Wellness

Coach Tyler

Sprinting onto your screens is Coach Tyler, specialising in Strength and Conditioning!

Tyler’s classes provide a vibrant, energetic experience with simple yet challenging combinations!

Tyler’s aim is ‘To put the fun back in fitness!’ whilst still pushing people to achieve their maximum potential.

Coach Sol HubFiiiT - Corporate Wellness

Coach Sol

Coach Sol is a master in the studio, bouncing her way through her classes.


Coach Sol has a passion for all things fitness, and when Sol isn't in the studio or in front of camera, she is training with the Army or she is taking part in fitness competitions!

Get bouncing round the house with Coach Sol and be ready for a banging class!

Coach Chris HubFiiiT - Corporate Wellness

Coach Chris

Coming from a military background, Coach Chris has 12 years of service in the British Army which has given him a plethora of information and exercise knowledge, specialising in bodyweight exercising, callisthenics and functional fitness.

"Master the body, Master the mind” Is a mantra that Chris truly believes in and embodies in himself.