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Shireen is an accomplished sales focused fitness industry professional, having started her career as fitness instructor over 17 years ago, working her way through to management.

Having never liked sports as a child, Shireen was introduced to the gym whilst studying media at college. It was here that Shireen fell in love with fitness after challenging herself to achieve a bench press. 

Having worked for several big brands, Shireen decided it was time create her own brand, and in 2020 HubFiiiT was formed.

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Tyler has a huge passion for health and fitness. He began as a sprinter for his county and an academy footballer.

Tyler went on to University where he graduated with a BSC in Sports and Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning)

Tyler’s classes provide a vibrant, energetic experience with simple yet challenging combinations that include speed, balance, strength and flexibility training.

Tyler’s aim is ‘To put the fun back in fitness!’ whilst still pushing people to achieve their maximum potential.

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Livvy is energetic, empathetic and  loves to support clients throughout their fitness journey, whatever your goal Livvy will get you there!


Throughout Livvy's career, she has supported her clients through various forms of training which include: 

Weight Loss, toning, and ante Natal and Post Natal.

Livvy herself enjoys Olympic Lifting, which she loves teaching.

Livvy ensures to bring fun & energetic workouts to keep you motivated, working towards smashing your goals!


Are you ready for the challenge? LETS GO!!

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Gino has been living with Type 1 Diabetes since the age of 16, which has allowed him to connect more with his own fitness and nutrition.

Focusing on his own health and fitness this has given Gino the ability to coach those who are going through the same transition in their lives, which is his passion and goal.

Fitness and Nutrition comes hand in hand with the ability to create, both a healthy mind and body.

Coming from a background in Food and Nutrition, Gino has been working as a fully trained chef for the past 12 years and has developed different cooking styles allowing him to adopt a way to engage and allow others to find cooking fun, engaging and rewarding. 

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As a fully qualified Personal Trainer Chris has taken his passion for fitness, health and wellbeing to a high level, with vast knowledge in sports and endurance events to which he uses to the best of his abilities to the betterment of his clients.


12 years of service in the British Army has given him a plethora of information and exercise knowledge, specialising in bodyweight exercising, callisthenics and functional fitness.


So whether you’re looking to improve your sporting ability, strength and endurance, everyday fitness or overall well being, Chris's classes are sure to make you sweat!


“ Master the body, Master the mind” Is a mantra that Chris truly believes in and embodies in himself.